the sitch

1. A reminder for those of you in the Chicago area: I will be reading on Tuesday, February 16 at 5:30 at Anderson’s Warehouse in Aurora, IL. They’re located at 520 N. Exchange Ct.. The rumor is that review copies of Something Like Fate will be available for everyone. You can contact Anderson’s for more info at 630.820.0044.

2. I’ve been hearing these rumbling noises next door for a while, like my neighbor is watching movies with lots of exploding things. A few nights ago around midnight, he yells, “Come to the door! Somebody help me!” Turns out, he’s playing a video game. Crisis averted. It’s clearly his new addiction because every night is the same story: He comes home, then five minutes later the rumbling starts. I get the feeling that he broke up with his girlfriend and is now spending ridiculous amounts of time gaming. Maybe it’s wrong to be gossiping about my neighbor like this (who really is a nice guy), but this is New York. We get to know people on the other side of our walls pretty easily around here, whether we want to or not.

3. Weeds needs to have more than 13 eps a season. I’m just saying.

4. A few days ago I updated my Facebook status to say that I like the little green light on the Caps Lock key. I thought I was the only one who felt this way. But no! People commented about their own lights and how they’re all different colors, like white and blue and light purple. Light purple! Maybe future Apple keyboards will let you program the color of your Caps Lock key light. Or even have an option where the light can constantly transition among all colors, like my alarm clock does.

5. The Empire State Building has this annual race called the Run-Up. This year’s winner ran up 86 flights (a total of 1,576 stairs) in 10 minutes, 16 seconds. Dude should really work on his physical fitness. Although none of my goals involve racing to the top of the Empire State Building, I am using this point of fact as inspiration to achieve my own goals. I’m sure you are inspired as well!