can i see your global homework?

Well, it’s official.

I have braces.

They are not the old-school metal kind. They are Invisalign. So far, they’re not painful at all. I was warned by people who had braces back in the day (i.e. when they were supposed to have them) that when you first get braces it’s beyond painful. I’ve only had mine for like two hours, so we’ll see how it goes. These are cool because they’re clear. Plus, you take them out to eat and brush your teeth, which means I can have carrots or caramel or whatnot. Not that I’m a huge caramel eater. But you know how the second you can’t have something, it’s all you can think about?

My internal age is 16, but I’m feeling even more 16 than usual. Like I might accidentally on purpose run into the cute new guy in the hall after 5th period. Adult braces are hilarious. I’m supposed to have mine for 14 months. Then I will miraculously emerge with a Movie Star Smile. Actually, the issue is my bite. My top and bottom teeth meet at an angle. Over time, this breaks down the enamel and causes lots of problems. My choice was to either fix the problem now or pay the price later. As a bonus, my front tooth will finally get straightened. It’s been slightly crooked ever since I kept throwing out my retainer at lunch in junior high, then stopped wearing it completely because it was killing.

There is one good thing about getting braces way after you’re supposed to. I don’t have to worry about teeth drift. If my teeth decide to drift when I’m 90, I have a feeling it will be the least of my issues.


8 thoughts on “can i see your global homework?

  1. I bet you look awesome.
    Invisalign. I have my pair, just sitting in their case. I still wear my night retainer, three years after I got my braces off, but I refuse to wear the Invisaligns. They refuse to even go on now. ;D
    So, let that be a lesson for you, Susane. Always wear your teeth!

    • Dude, I am so warned! But wait, you had braces and now you have Invisalign plus a night retainer? But you’re wearing your night retainer even though you’re not doing the Invisalign? That sounds way complicated. What would happen if you quit wearing your night retainer?

      • Yeah, Invasalign by day, retainer by night. Superhuman to the max. It’s so confusing, I know. If I stopped wearing my night retainer my teeth would probably start shifting. They probably already have. D: 😀

  2. Ha, that totally happened with my retainers too. My dog chewed them up at least like 5 times so my mom got sick of paying for them. End result: bottom front tooth crooked. that’s cool that you got Invisalign. I always saw the commercials for those and wanted them really bad instead of the dorky metal ones. (I didn’t)
    Hope your teeth stay pain-free! 🙂

    • I must have thrown out like three retainers at lunch. It was pathetic. There’s only so much garbage I want to dig through. But I won’t be taking my Invisalign out at the table when I’m eating out, so I have hope that none will be lost!

  3. Yay, this is good to hear! Would like to see a pic if you feel comfortable sharing. I’ll be doing this within the next year or two… though with the way the economy is going, I doubt I’ll get dental when I finally get a full time job after graduating with my master’s this May. Originally I thought I’d have it, but I may simply have to do it with salary. But you know that feeling, I suppose, being “self-employed” in a sense!
    Sad that I can’t make your Aurora date. I’m down there a lot, but not on a Tuesday night. Until I graduate & move, Aurora’s still 3.5 hours away from me. Hope your book tour does bring you back to that area though!

    • It sounds like I’ll be back in the Chicago area at some point. We will meet one of these days 🙂
      I hear you on the possible lack of benefits. The scariest thing about becoming self-employed was leaving behind benefits and a regular pay check. I don’t even have dental insurance now. But things have worked out really well, so I have no regrets!


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