german cover love

Half the fun of having my books translated into other languages has been wondering how my name or the titles will be changed. It’s fascinating to see books by authors who’ve had lots of publications in other countries. Each country seems to have its own idea of which cover designs work best. There are plenty of covers that work well somewhere else, but would never work here. Authors’ names are usually changed along with their book titles on foreign editions, so I’ve been wondering what they’d become for the German edition of Take Me There. After much speculation, this is what the cover looks like:

Take Me There by Susane Colasanti, German edition

I cannot even tell you how much I love this cover. It’s so sweet! And I want those clogs something fierce. This is an example of a cover that works in another country that would totally work here as well. I can definitely picture it in American bookstores. The flower designs are so cute! Love.

If any of you speak German, I’d love to know what the text on the cover says. Is it a translation of the title or a tag line? Even though I can’t read German at all, it’s fun to preview a few pages. I like looking at the dialogue and trying to figure out how some of our slang translates. Like “drag” (as in “what a drag”) is mist.  Which is interesting, because then how does “mist” translate?

Also, have I mentioned that I want those clogs?

Update: I just received word on Facebook that the tag line means “A story to fall in love with.” Love that!