keeping it real

Whenever I’m paying for something and I’m a penny or two short, the cashier is always like, “Don’t worry about it.” This started happening a few years ago. At first, I was amazed. I wondered how I could possibly be getting away with that kind of behavior. Don’t cashiers get in trouble for coming up short? How could they disrespect pennies like that, like they’re not even worth anything?

News flash: Pennies are still real money.

Don’t get me wrong. When I’m out of change and something costs $5.01, I’m grateful that I don’t have to get 99 cents back in change. But now other coins are being dissed as well. The other day this deli cashier chose to forget about 12 cents instead of making change from an extra dollar. Twelve whole cents! Excused! Seriously, it’s only a matter of time before pennies are discontinued, then eventually all coins. Then all bills. Down the road, I’m sure we’ll be paying for everything with cards. Or eye scans. Kind of like when they stopped making subway tokens and we all had to get used to MetroCards. They were so strange at first! Now we don’t even think about them. Technological progress is a good thing. I’m really looking forward to washing clothes without using all of that water. And hopefully in a year or so, watching Letterman online in better quality.  When Kiefer is on in a dress, I want some sharp picture quality happening.

Kiefer Sutherland, David Letterman, and a dress

What I’m really really looking forward to is my fave season, spring, along with the return of awesome fruit. Right now there is only mediocre fruit. When one is subjected to nothing but mediocre fruit all winter, it becomes boring fruit. By March I can’t even look at a banana without snarling. This desperation is what forced me to purchase a jug of expensive blood orange juice. Question: Why is fresh produce expensive while fast food is cheap? It’s so stupid. But I could not help myself. This blood orange juice is a dark red color, which means it’s one big antioxidant party up in here.

But not really. Because as of today, I am in revision mode. It’s just me, sexy iMac, music, and a deadline. It’s the 24 equivalent of going dark. Whatever your goals are for the upcoming weeks, I wish you a successful mission. Oh, and remember to secure the perimeter. Copy that.

4 thoughts on “keeping it real

  1. Question: Why is fresh produce expensive while fast food is cheap?
    I’ve been asking myself this question for years now. The stuff that’s good for you is super costly, but the stuff that’s terrible for you is cheap and abundant.

    • It sucks. Things are moving in the right direction now, but it will be a while before fresh produce is actually affordable, particularly for people in urban areas. Everyone who wants to eat healthier should be able to without having to take out a small loan.

  2. about the coin thing…its somewhat relevent, i promise
    The Cents Thing:
    Dude, like for real! I feel your pain. Today, I went to the Staples across the street from my school to get a binder for my chem project, right? I find the perfect strong, durable small little black one and the price said it was 2.50 and I was like “okay, cool. I’ll just get this and get back before lunch is over.” I get to the cashier with the binder, she checks it and then she’s like, “that’s 4.50 please.” I’m like “what?” Cause I only have like 4 bucks on me. I told her “uh, what? No no, this can’t be right. The price downstairs says it’s only 2.50.” She’s all “that’s the online rebate.” Then she goes into this long monolougue about going online, filling this crap out, signing this, putting my adress on this paper, coming back to the store with it signed and then something about me getting 2 dollars back. Lord knows I’m not gonna do it, so I regretfully hand her the four bucks and find a magical 50 cents in my pocket and everythings cool. Then she’s like, “um, miss…you’re missing 40 cents.” Now, I’m just so agrivated and late, I don’t wanna talk anymore. So I just ask her, “can I just give you the 40 cents next time I come in?” And she’s just like “yeah sure.” In my head I’m just like, “how can she just let me walk away like that? Won’t she get in trouble?” Then I thought about the unrespected presidents on the coins that were basically thrown away. Its so sad.

    • Re: about the coin thing…its somewhat relevent, i promise
      Well said, my friend. Then again, you got the binder you wanted. The cashier probably felt bad for your emergency. You never would have gotten that binder a couple years ago. I know you’re going back with the 40 cents, but unless she knew that you go in all the time, there was no way for her to know she could trust you. At the end of the day, it must be okay for some cashiers to get away with being several dollars short. Maybe it has to do with the manager and type of store. It really makes me reconsider spending my coins…should I be saving them as relics of generations past? Hm.

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