warming powers

When it gets so cold that iguanas are falling out of trees, I try to keep warm with memories of sunny vacations past. Like when I went to Santorini last September. I was lazy in the best possible way – just lounging by the incredible infinity pool with good books every day. Was this really me only four months ago?

Susane Colasanti in Santorini, Greece


But hey, memories aren’t the only things with warming powers.  I’m anticipating the comfort of my new ergonomic chair, which is finally ready!  It took a while to put together because they are custom made.  Let’s just say my back is more than ready for its arrival.  Of course, my new chair is nothing compared to Sarah Dessen’s whole new office.  Talk about gorgeous!  I see that we’re both enjoying the warm fuzzy effect of the sexy iMac.  My goal is to also have a real home office one day instead of this desk-against-the-wall situation.  Ah, tiny living.

So I finished watching Popular.  The writers apparently had no idea that the show would be canceled because it ended all unresolved.  What a rip-off!  Of course, the one story line I was into was the Sam/Harrison relationship.  The whole best-friends-become-lovers plot never gets old.  I’m annoyed that we never got to see them together.  I like to imagine that they were really cute as a couple.  Just as I like to imagine that the giant pile of lemons that was always in Brooke’s kitchen was used to make lemonade every week, then replaced with fresh lemons.  Because would you really have all those lemons hanging around just for decorative purposes?

For now, I will warm up with some tea.  And the cupcake of the week at Crumbs, which happens to be Blueberry Cobbler.  Love blueberry cobbler.  Sending warm thoughts out to all my fellow cupcake enthusiasts!


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