in which winter isn’t the worst, but is still lacking

So far, this winter isn’t bothering me as much as winter usually does. I’m not a fan of its sharp wind and blustery mixes of depressing precipitation. Maybe it’s because winter is only like three weeks old. But I think it’s because I’m getting excited about my upcoming book release events, including a bookstore event in Chicago next month (details coming soon!). The anticipation keeps me warm.

I do miss summer fruit, though. Melons and berries, plums and nectarines. Oh, how I crave all of you. My last hurrah was with a bunch of delicious concord grapes in October. Of course I documented them:

Concord grapes

Not sure how I’ll deal with my fruit-starved state until the spring. Apples and oranges barely take the edge off.

Did any of you watch Popular? It’s one of those shows I never saw, so I’ve been Netflixing it. I like the premise, but I’m not really feeling the show. It just seems like they’re trying too hard. I guess it’s because I like shows that feel as real as possible. Popular likes to do fantasy sequences and effects, which bother me. How unfair is it that Popular was on for two seasons, but the absolutely brilliant My So-Called Life and Freaks and Geeks were only on for one season each? That’s just wrong.

And now for a friendly reminder about respiratory etiquette. It is acceptable to cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough. In fact, you should always cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough. It is not acceptable to sneeze in someone’s face. Or to sneeze in someone’s direction when you’re standing over them on the subway so all of your sneeze germs trickle down onto them. Cover your fricking mouth.

Just thought I’d put that out there.

12 thoughts on “in which winter isn’t the worst, but is still lacking

  1. I used to LOVE Popular. When Glee first came on, I felt that it was a lot like Popular, and it turns out some of the creators are the same. I have seasons 1 and 2 on DVD. I definitely liked it a lot more THEN than I do now. And I know this is sacrilege to some, but I’m not all that crazy about Glee. I don’t mind it, certainly, but if I don’t see an episode, my world does not end.

    • Yeah, I’ve been hearing that Glee is the shiznit. I feel like if I don’t add it to my Netflix queue, I’ll be missing out on something huge. Love your colored pencils, btw. Colored pencils make me happy.

      • Definitely check it out. It obviously has a lot of appeal, and I don’t dislike it or anything… I can just think of other things I’d rather be watching. 🙂
        I also wanted to say that the photo of the grapes looks yummylicious! Oh winter, why must you just be starting?

  2. I’ve been very extravagant and been buying myself a box of blackberries every week at the supermarket. I’m justifying it on the vitamin C basis but it’s actually a craving.

  3. Popular
    I watched Popular when it first aired. I was devoted for the first season and kind of dropped off as the second season started. Additionally I love seeing those characters in TV and movies now. Sara Rue’s character was awesome in how they used her to reach out to viewers with body image issues (hi!)–and I always remember her going off on Sam when she complained about her body (I believe it was Sam).
    I was in the city this weekend and made sure to make it down to the Highline, which I found out about from your blog. Wish I could have seen it this summer or a couple of weeks ago (your snow picture was great).


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