resuming routine

My sympathies go out to all of my teen people who had to get up in the cold darkness way too early this morning and go back to school. That is one harsh awakening after the break. Especially if you spent your break staying up late, getting up late, and generally lazing around. I’m sending rejuvenating energy out to you!

In the midst of all your lazing, hopefully you read a few good books. I totally did. I’ve recently discovered Brian James, a magnificent YA author who writes so beautifully. Here’s one of the many lines I loved from Dirty Liar:

“…the bad things can’t make us weaker if we don’t let them.”

Anyone who feels lost, alone, or broken will relate to this book. Brian understands how it feels. He is one of us.

Another kindred spirit: Isaac Newton. When I was a physics teacher, I looked forward to teaching his laws of motion more than any other topic. Not only did he help us to understand how our world works, he communicated in such an accessible way. Have you seen Google’s sweet animated logo today? It’s Sir Isaac’s birthday, so let’s get this party started.


7 thoughts on “resuming routine

  1. I don’t start classes until January 11th, but then I’ll be walking to class in the snow! Ahhh! But, on the plus side, I did just buy 5 new books from Barnes and Noble and saved 12 dollars by ordering them online! I’m really excited to read the one called The Espressologist.
    You’re right about this new year. It feels great knowing I have a clean slate to start off the year with. This will be the year I make sure I take care of all my resolutions!
    PS: I don’t know if this is a bad question or not, but I started to write my ideas for a book a little bit and I just had a question for you. Do you ever feel like people might not like your writing, or that some of what your writing isn’t good enough? I can’t tell if I’m doing a good job or not, so I just wondered if real authors had the same feelings or not.

    • I love your optimistic attitude about the fresh year. Rock on with that.
      Heck yeah I feel like I’m not good enough! Story of my life. I never know if what I’m writing sucks or not until I hear back from my editors. The important thing is that you write the story you want to tell. There will always be people who don’t like a certain author or a certain book – it’s impossible to write something that everyone loves – but if you’re passionate about what you’re writing, that’s all that matters. Writing should be fun, so my advice is to have fun with it. Worrying about what other people think just makes an already challenging goal unnecessarily more difficult to achieve. Tell the story you want to tell…let your words shine 🙂

  2. Thanks for the positive energy–I’ll need it, especially since I’m feeling so exhausted after the first day back.
    I read a great thought-provoking book over break called The Five People You Meet in Heaven, by Mitch Albom. It’s not religious, but it’s quite deep and really makes you think about making your life meaningful.

  3. Thanks for the advice! I’m glad I’m not just being crazy! I can totally see why authors love writing so much! It’s a chance to create something out of your own experiences and no one but you gets to decide what happens. It’s a chance to change how you wanted things to go, or it’s a chance to help people. It’s the best feeling when all the sudden you think of an idea and it just clicks. Thanks for sending out the rejuvenating energy, I think it’s working! haha 🙂


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