Welcome to a fresh decade! I hope this is an auspicious turning point for you and your loved ones.

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions because I am a firm believer that every single day is an opportunity to improve your life. But we’re embarking on a whole new decade, so I at least want to look forward to 2010 with anticipation of all the new things it will bring. Lots of new things will be happening in my life: a new volunteer job that I love, new career experiences (like my first book tour!), a new book release (Something Like Fate comes out on May 18), new paperback covers, new chances to meet my readers, new seasons on the High Line, and writing a new book. A busy year indeed. And since this year will be so busy, I can’t even imagine how many exciting adventures the entire decade will bring. I’m hoping for lots of them! I have a good feeling that this will be an amazing year for all of us.

So I’m raising my mug of green tea to you in a toast. Here’s to a new year filled with self improvement, fun times, and meaningful connections. Let’s get our renewal on.