Thanks to everyone at Books of Wonder for a fabulous holiday party! Shout-out to Peter Glassman, founder and president of this most excellent children’s bookstore. Peter exhibits further proof that you can live your ideal life through creative visualization. He had a clear vision for his bookstore, which has been expanding ever since. Peter was looking especially festive, so I had to document the occasion with him:

Peter Glassman and Susane Colasanti at Books of Wonder

Lots of YA authors were in the house, like Gayle Forman, Barry Lyga, Sarah Darer Littman, Sarah Beth Durst, Robin Wasserman, Maureen Johnson, and even Ambassador Jon Scieszka! Unfortunately, I did not encounter any Christmas cookies. But that’s okay because Books of Wonder is attached to Cupcake Cafe, so there were lots of pretty mini cupcakes:

Books of Wonder cupcakes

There were also cute decorations:

Winnie-the-Pooh at Books of Wonder

My anticipation of Christmas cookies was so intense that I am now on a mission. I want to find the ultimate Christmas cookie and eat it. Something tells me that Crumbs will not let me down. You will remain updated on this important issue.

In music news, I am psyched out of my mind for John Mayer’s winter tour. I have awesome floor seats for both of his shows at Madison Square Garden! When I saw him there during the Continuum tour in 2007, I was in the second row because I have this thing with concerts where I have to be super close to see all of the details or else it’s like I don’t even want to go. I know, I’m ridiculous. This tendency is commonly known as obsession. Anyway, near the end of the show he left the stage and then appeared on a smaller stage in between the first and second floor sections. Let’s just say I was not feeling that. But! This time around, I’ll be sitting in the front row right in front of that smaller stage on the first night. So I’m counting on John to do his reappearance trick again. Dude, I will be closer than ever. Which will rock way harder than any Christmas cookie ever could.

christmas cookie anticipation, etc.

Tonight I’ll be attending my first holiday party of the season, where I hope to encounter many delicious Christmas cookies. There should be lots of other YA authors in attendance, so I’m also hoping to have pics of some of your fave authors to share next time. Yay!

Until then, I have some book news. It looks like Penguin’s Something Like Fate wall panel at the Frankfurt Book Fair got noticed because the German rights to Something Like Fate have just been sold. This means that three of my books will be published in Germany. The Take Me There edition is scheduled to come out in January and should also be out soon in France. And Waiting for You will be published in Turkish, which I find fascinating.

I’m super excited that the audio rights to all four of my books have just been purchased by a wonderful agency that’s letting me approve the narrators! This is really important. When It Happens and Take Me There are currently available as audio books, but the narrator is all wrong. I’ve never listened to an entire audio book, but if I were an audio book listener I’d want the actors to accurately reflect the tone of the books. I’m thankful that now we can make things right.

An articulate review of Waiting for You just popped up. If you’d like to hear what the book is about, check out the Hers for the Reading review. Thanks for spreading the word, Andrea!

geeks rule

My friend saw James Franco in a coffeehouse up the street. Of course I wasn’t there. I’m always missing these things. Like when Brad Pitt was having dinner behind me and SP didn’t bother to tell me until Brad left. But it wasn’t the worst because Brad is not my type. Anyway, my friend said that James is even hotter in person. I really do not know how that is possible.

Every time I hear about James Franco, I always think about the best character he ever played – Daniel Desario on Freaks and Geeks. An alarming number of people still have not seen Freaks and Geeks. This must be corrected. To do my part, I’m sharing a scene which proves that no matter how much they’re picked on, geeks ultimately rule. Display your awards proudly!

Update: Unfortunately, this video has been removed from YouTube and I can’t find another one. This was the scene where Daniel is in Lindsay’s room, looking at her trophies and ribbons. Lindsay is embarrassed. But Daniel says how he’s never won anything and he thinks her awards are cool. Correct again, D.

chair love

Why is it that everything always happens at the same time? It seems like all these things that could theoretically happen whenever somehow happen when I’m already beyond busy. Then my deadline will pass and all of the other stuff will be over and I’ll have a week of total quiet. Which actually sounds kind of nice at this point. I’m behind on my scrapbooking. There are tons of books I want to read. And I’m Netflixing last season of Fringe. I really like it so far, and not just because I’ve been missing Joshua Jackson since his Dawson’s Creek days. Although I’ve learned this the hard way: Do not watch Fringe right before going to sleep. Unless you’re into weird dreams.

Since so much was already going on anyway, I decided it was finally time to select my new desk chair. I got a gorgeous new desk over the summer which I’m loving, but I don’t have an ergonomic chair to go with it yet. Which is ridiculous since I’m at my desk all day. It’s just that all of the good chairs only come in black for some reason. That does not work for me. I’m more of a white and silver person. So when I found out about the new Generation chair from Knoll, I was super excited. Newest ergonomic design! LEED certified! Fun colors! Most importantly, it’s so freaking comfortable. I tried it out at at the Knoll showroom and could not believe how amazing it is. The back actually twists with you as you move. This chair is so amazing that I’m actually looking forward to 12-hour days at my desk.

In the meantime, I’m getting this manuscript ready to submit to my editors. Hopefully, sitting on a low-rent chair has not affected my writing.