holiday time

Here in New York, the snow has almost melted. Except for these big snow piles from the street plows that will be blocking sidewalks for a while.  There’s a magical quality to snow when it first falls that’s just so peaceful.  Ever since the High Line opened last summer, I’ve been wondering how it will look in the snow. Awesome, is how.  These are the High Line’s lounge benches with fresh snow:

High Line lounge chairs covered with snow

It will apparently be Christmas in two days, which reminds me of my fave Christmas movies. Here’s my list from last year. This year, I would like to add another: Bed of Roses. You’re probably like, Huh? I’ve never heard of that one. But it’s really good. Plus, it has a mid-90s version of Christian Slater. The story is told over several seasons, but the Christmas scenes are for anyone who feels lonely around this time of year. Actually, it’s a good movie about loneliness in general. Okay, now it sounds depressing, but I swear it’s uplifting!

As a gift to myself, I finally purchased my first full-on winter coat ever. I’ve always just had these thinner coats and layered a lot, which never kept me warm despite my Warming Plan. I got tired of layering. And my friend had this amazing puffy coat that was the flat kind of puffy, all slim cut and not making her look like a giant marshmallow. I kept waiting for it to go on sale, but it never did. If there’s anything I’ve learned about being frugal, it’s that if you really want something, don’t wait too long for it to go on sale because it will either sell out or they won’t have the one you want by the time it does go on sale. So I snatched up the last one. It’s a wonderful thing – I totally don’t feel the cold wind! Even without a scarf, which is an unprecedented winter move for me. Yay for flat puffy coats!

Now I’m wondering about my gifts from people who aren’t me. I wouldn’t mind getting one of these Clue games:

24 and The Office Clue games

I want to wish you a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season. Whether you’re spending it with family, friends, or taking in some alone time, I hope you enjoy a peaceful celebration. Let’s recharge and get ready for an exciting new decade!