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Have you seen the Gossip Girl Top Ten List? Every character lists their top ten whatever of 2009. I have to laugh at Chuck’s list. He put Minetta Tavern and Little Branch on his list of Top Ten NYC Bars/Clubs/Restaurants. That motherchucker would. Minetta Tavern used to be this awesome old-school Italian place here in the nabe. We’d go anytime without a reservation and it was always a blast. Then it closed down. I was sad that we’d lost another fave restaurant because so many of them have closed recently. But! It reopened and I was so happy. Until I found out that the new place was this uber exclusive joint where people like Madonna go. It’s impossible to get a decent dinner reservation now. Seriously, it’s either 5:30 or 10:00, if you’re lucky.

Okay, and Little Branch? Is this bar that’s also here in the nabe. SP showed it to me a few years ago, back when no one knew it was there. It’s on this obscure corner with a tiny sign on the door that you would totally walk right by if you didn’t know it was there. One time we were the only customers. I don’t really like bars since I don’t drink alcohol and screaming conversations over loud music isn’t really my thing. I’d much rather be playing a good board game at some coffeehouse. When I do go to bars, the bartenders are typically annoyed that I don’t drink alcohol so I just order a Shirley Temple (with extra cherries) and move on. Little Branch is entirely different. The bartenders love the challenge of me. They whip me up these tasty cucumber/mint/honey drinks with sculpted ice pieces. But the thing about Little Branch is that other people have discovered it. And now it’s such a scene. So of course Chuck would be there. At least Dan didn’t disappoint me – he listed Jonathan Tropper’s This Is Where I Leave You as the best book of 2009. Right on.

I want to thank Amanda for setting up an interview at NYU’s radio station this week. It was so much fun! The interview will air next month, so I’ll let you know when it’s on in case you want to listen. Amanda emailed me last year after reading When It Happens and told me that she wanted to go to NYU. Now she’s there, which rocks. Here we are in the studio:

NY radio

Yeah, I busted out my old NYU tee for the occasion which, ironically, I never wore while I was a grad student there.

Speaking of When It Happens (sort of), here’s a fresh review by Open Mind, Insert Book. Thanks, Stephanie!

Finally, I have to mention that Serendipity Day is this Sunday, December 20. Here’s my explanation of its significance. Let’s all celebrate in our own unique way.  Maybe I’ll partake of some edible gold leaf.  Or, um, not.