christmas cookie anticipation, etc.

Tonight I’ll be attending my first holiday party of the season, where I hope to encounter many delicious Christmas cookies. There should be lots of other YA authors in attendance, so I’m also hoping to have pics of some of your fave authors to share next time. Yay!

Until then, I have some book news. It looks like Penguin’s Something Like Fate wall panel at the Frankfurt Book Fair got noticed because the German rights to Something Like Fate have just been sold. This means that three of my books will be published in Germany. The Take Me There edition is scheduled to come out in January and should also be out soon in France. And Waiting for You will be published in Turkish, which I find fascinating.

I’m super excited that the audio rights to all four of my books have just been purchased by a wonderful agency that’s letting me approve the narrators! This is really important. When It Happens and Take Me There are currently available as audio books, but the narrator is all wrong. I’ve never listened to an entire audio book, but if I were an audio book listener I’d want the actors to accurately reflect the tone of the books. I’m thankful that now we can make things right.

An articulate review of Waiting for You just popped up. If you’d like to hear what the book is about, check out the Hers for the Reading review. Thanks for spreading the word, Andrea!


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