geeks rule

My friend saw James Franco in a coffeehouse up the street. Of course I wasn’t there. I’m always missing these things. Like when Brad Pitt was having dinner behind me and SP didn’t bother to tell me until Brad left. But it wasn’t the worst because Brad is not my type. Anyway, my friend said that James is even hotter in person. I really do not know how that is possible.

Every time I hear about James Franco, I always think about the best character he ever played – Daniel Desario on Freaks and Geeks. An alarming number of people still have not seen Freaks and Geeks. This must be corrected. To do my part, I’m sharing a scene which proves that no matter how much they’re picked on, geeks ultimately rule. Display your awards proudly!

Update: Unfortunately, this video has been removed from YouTube and I can’t find another one. This was the scene where Daniel is in Lindsay’s room, looking at her trophies and ribbons. Lindsay is embarrassed. But Daniel says how he’s never won anything and he thinks her awards are cool. Correct again, D.


13 thoughts on “geeks rule

    • The regular price of the box set is so expensive, but I found it on Amazon for about $35. Totally worth it! And thanks for being one of the friendly neighbors to tell me how excellent Freaks and Geeks is before I even knew 🙂

    • But Daniel is actually kind of a geek as well…
      See Final Episode.
      Although I guess the point of the show is that we all have a little freak and a little geek in us.

  1. Hey, Susane! It’s me, Tricia R. This is me officially telling you I’ve found your new (and awesome) blog! But I also wanted to ask a question. As I’ve told you, I am now in love with Freaks and Geeks. So thanks for that! I wanted to come back here and look at this clip you showed but the video has been removed from youtube! 😦 So I was wondering if you remember what clip you posted? I watched all the eps so I should know what you’re talking about 🙂

    • Yay, Tricia is here! It’s going to take me a week or two to put back all of the YouTube videos that were stripped in the move. I made a note to do this one first, so please check back here in a few days and it will be up. It’s the one where Daniel is in Lindsay’s room, looking at all of her awards. Such a good clip!


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