Today was a dark, rainy day. I am not usually into dark, rainy days. But this time was different. Because I’m on deadline. Being on deadline can be hard when it’s all bright and sunny out. I tend to get distracted by more stuff when the sky is blue. So I was happy to stay in and make green tea and work. Tonight I will work some more. This will be repeated until I submit my manuscript for book five, which will hopefully happen next week.

At this point, I’m reading through my hard copy and making changes. This process always takes way longer than I think it will. Same with the next step where I type in my revisions. I’m always like, Yeah, I can pull that off in two days. Then it takes a week. Learning from past experience is a good thing. That’s why this time around, I’m trying to make room for the Mysterious Extra Time factor. We’ll see how it goes.

Since I have to get back to work, I won’t ramble on about how tomorrow is December and how can it be the end of the year already and where did this decade (whatever we’re calling it) go? Lucky you.