Some shout-outs are in order. Let’s get to it.

Shout-out to the Manhattan Village Academy Book Club! These kids are amazing. I visited them on Monday as part of the Adopt-A-School program. Lots of positive energy and thoughtful questions were in the house. Thanks to Ms. Daehler and everyone for making me feel so welcome.

Manhattan Village Academy Book Club

One friendly neighbor from the book club had this photo of a squirrel snarfing down a McFlurry on her Facebook page, so of course I had to swipe it.

Squirrel McFlurry spaz

Shout-out to Jonathan Ames! I went to an interview with him at Upright Citizens Brigade in which he spanked the interviewer at the end. He also attempted to play some Wii boxing, but that didn’t go over so well. It was his first time with the Wii. I never knew that Jonathan is fluent in Backward Word. That’s where you say every word backwards. He does it so easily! Thanks for dazzling us with your lesser-known talents.

Shout-out to John Mayer! His new album, Battle Studies, comes out on Tuesday. Along with a zillion other fans, I will be trying to score pre-sale tickets to his winter tour tomorrow. Good luck to everyone else with a secret code!

John Mayer. Battle Studies. Epic.


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