1. Yay for Laurie Halse Anderson! She rocked the house yesterday on Penguin’s Point of View website. Her reading/Q&A event streamed live for all to see. You could even submit questions online. I was stoked when my question was selected! I asked, “What’s the one thing you hope that your books can do most for teens?” And guess what? Laurie and I have the same exact answer! Which is to help teens feel less alone. I was a bit verklempt to be connecting with one of my role models in this way, all united by a common purpose. Love her.

2. The Cybils nominations are out. This list of awesome YA novels that were released over the past year includes lots of my faves. It’s a good resource if you’re looking for new book recommendations.

3. When I signed some books recently, I noticed that When It Happens is in its 10th printing! It was really cool to see that “10” there all by itself. I was a bit verklempt again. Of course, a 10th printing would not be possible without everyone who has read or talked about or shared this book. Word of mouth is a very powerful force. So I have all of you to thank for your kindness. Thank you thank you thank you! You guys rule.

4. Princess Bookie recently had a contest where you could redesign certain book covers. Although the contest is closed, it’s fun to see alternate cover designs. Redesigns of the Something Like Fate cover were included. Cindy’s blog is super impressive, so go on over for a visit if you haven’t seen it yet.

5. Apparently, Halloween is tomorrow. Do not get me started on how quickly October flew by. We have a friend visiting, so we’ll watch the big Halloween parade here in the Village. If I dress up, I’m going as three-hole-punch Dave, a composite of two Jim Halpert costumes. My Yip-Yips costume idea will have to wait. Whether you’ll be trick-or-treating, partying like the rock star you are or having a low-key night, be safe and have a fabulous time!