my neighborhood rules

People sometimes ask me why I pay so much rent to live in a tiny apartment (which is an average size for the West Village but microscopic anywhere else) when I could own a massive five-bedroom house in Kentucky for the same amount. The reasons for this are infinite. It’s mostly about the energy. It’s also about experiences like last Saturday night, aka The Ultimate New York City Night.

I’m a huge fan of a certain famous person who lives in my neighborhood. Out of respect for his privacy, I can’t write his name here. However, I can give you the following hints about his identity:

1. I mentioned I was going to his house on my Twitter.
2. We get togethernow and then to have lunch.

He just bought a house a few blocks away from my place. You basically have to be him to own an entire brownstone around here. A friend of mine is his interior designer, so I got to visit his house. It’s still being worked on, which means I’m allowed to show you a photo or two. This is part of his changing room:

Kiefer's changing room

The first floor has an amazing front room with a fireplace (I think there are eight fireplaces in total) and built-in bookshelves around the windows. Built-in bookshelves are a passionate desire of mine. These won’t stay white like mine will be one day, but they are still gorgeous:

Kiefer's reno

After the tour, we went to The Waverly Inn. I’ve always wanted to go there. It’s this restaurant that doesn’t even have a phone number -reservations are that exclusive. But another friend of mine (who is the boyfriend of my interior designer friend) is a fitness instructor at Equinox around the corner, so he’ll saunter over during the day to make reservations. I know, my friends are outstanding! Shout-out to SP for hooking me up. Usually there’s some movie star or other at The Waverly Inn. There wasn’t anyone famous there Saturday night, though. Just some guy who looked like that guy from that show. But I do have one thing to show you:

Waverly Inn truffle mac and cheese

See this plate of mac and cheese? It’s not just any mac and cheese. This mac and cheese is $95.00. It has shaved white truffles on top. While I think it’s outrageous that there can be $95.00 mac and cheese, I cannot deny its deliciousness.

That’s the news from the nabe for now. When his house is finished and I get to see it again, I might be able to post a photo or two here. Stay tuned.

6 thoughts on “my neighborhood rules

  1. His place
    thank you so much for sharing that with us. would be so wonderful to know him. im sure he is a sweetheart. he seems to have such great taste based on some of the pics from when he sells his places. or maybe that is your friends influence.
    was girlfriend at dinner? sorry for being so nosy. she is a beautiful woman from the pics. lol oh god im not a stalker really. i will stop now.

    • Re: His place
      My friend knows his girlfriend and says that she looks just like me! Which I think is only true in profile. I haven’t met her yet, though. Yes, K was so sweet when I met him – very soft spoken and polite.


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