1. As Teen Read Week wraps up, I’d like to remind you to read something out of this world. To celebrate this most fabulous week, Readergirlz has been posting tributes to authors made of awesome. If you’re looking for some good book recommendations, you should head over there.

2. Dissecting Perfection has compiled a Fall 2009 playlist entitled YA Celebs Playlist. Along with a bunch of other authors and bloggers, I answered the question, “What’s your fall anthem of choice?” Regular readers will be less than shocked by my response.

3. Speaking of John Mayer, I’m a bit irritated. His new album, Battle Studies, drops on November 17. I could not be more excited. He’s even having a small album release concert. When tickets went on sale, they were only available to existing members of his fan club. Which of course includes me. But I didn’t get my tickets! Because right when they went on sale at 10:00, the website didn’t refresh my page the way it was supposed to. Then it was 10:01. Then 10:02. The dread was unbearable. At 10:03, I was forwarded to the sales page. By then all the good seats were sold out. I could always go and sit way in the back, but I know me. I’ll just be fuming the whole time that I’m not closer and I can’t see and there’s some dumbass who’s not even a fan in the front row, checking his messages and not knowing any of the songs. Blerg.

4. When Thirtysomething was on, I was 13. I was not interested in watching the show. It was about grownups. Grownups were not interesting. Even so, I remember getting a sense that the show would be good. So I’ve been watching the first season, and it really is good! I love shows where people just sit around talking about everyday stuff that we can all relate to. If you can look past the goofy 80s fashion atrocities, you’ll see a show that was ahead of its time.

5. The last few days were gorgeous! Today is cold and rainy, which is actually a good thing. It was so perfect out yesterday that I kept finding excuses to do errands. Now I have a lot of writing to do. Last night we went to the High Line to watch the sunset. That place is magical, especially at night. It was all city lights and big sky and waxing crescent moon:

The High Line at night

Hoping you find some magic this weekend!

5 thoughts on “5

  1. I thought it was really nice of John Mayer to make that concert available to fan club members only and even more thrilled that they let expired memberships like mine log in and try for tickets. He’s awesome to his fans! But I’m unemployed and didn’t have money to buy a ticket. I’d gladly take a seat in the back, if I could afford it. But I know how it is. I’ve never been further back than 7th row center, had front row twice, and one meet & greet. It’s easy to get spoiled at Local 83. =)

    • You had front-row seats twice AND a meet-and-greet?! Dude! Your are the luckiest person ever! I’ve been in the second row, but all of my other seats weren’t through Local-83 (even though I tried along with everyone else). You are right about being spoiled – once you’re close enough to read “Home” and “Life,” sitting in the back will just not do 😉

  2. My mom watched Thirtysomething all the time when were kids, and we watched it with her after The Wonder Years. I don’t remember anything about it, but you and my mom both tend to have good taste, so I’ll have to check it out!


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