event news

This Thursday, October 15 I’ll be at the Elizabeth Public Library in New Jersey for a Q&A session in the Teen Department. The event will take place from 5:00 to 6:30. I’ll also be signing books and enjoying some Coffee Talk with my people, only without the coffee. If you are a teen who wants to stop by, here’s where you can find me:

Elizabeth Public Library
Teen Department, 3rd Floor
11 South Broad Street
Elizabeth, NJ 07202
908.354.6060 x7235

Until then, I’ll be reading over the first pass of Something Like Fate. The first pass is printed from the galley pages, corrected by copyeditors, then passed on to the author for final corrections. This is my last chance to catch any remaining typos or make small changes if anything sounds off. I am scrutinizing!

I am also trying to remain calm in the midst of this strange pre-winter. I get the feeling that this winter is going to be an extremely cold one, complete with a blizzard or two. It really doesn’t help that Pier 1 already has Christmas displays in their windows or that every night this week is getting down into the 40s. How bogus is that? It’s the beginning of fall! But we must go with the flow. So I will think warm, tropical thoughts and try to focus on appreciating the Now. Even if the Now includes a busted radiator.