it’s a jam thing

After several long days of getting my Dreamweaver and Photoshop on, I’ve managed to revamp my website with some updates. Before my website was designed, I knew I wanted it to have a scrapbook theme. I’m into archival scrapbooking and I think the layout reflects the tone of my books. So I didn’t go in and overhaul the whole look or anything. I just redid the homepage with new colors and fonts, plus updated my Q&A page. I also created a Something Like Fate page. If you’re wondering what the book is about, you can find a short synopsis there. Your feedback is welcome – is there anything not on my website that you’d like me to add?

Speaking of websites, the fact that Jim and Pam’s wedding site is a real thing redefines spectacular. I think it’s so cool when fictional characters make their way into the real world. Since I live in this world, I am aware that the big wedding was last night. I am also aware that, being a hardcore fan, I should have watched it at a friend’s place. But I’m still savoring season four, so I didn’t want to encounter any spoilers. It’s taking Pam coal walking strength for me not to watch it online. Not having a TV can be frustrating sometimes (like, once or twice a year), but I do love the anticipation. Conflict! I did go ahead and sign Jim and Pam’s guest book, though. Did you?

2 thoughts on “it’s a jam thing

  1. Thanks for the summary! I was super excited to read Something Like Fate just based on the cover alone but now, after you’ve posted an official blurb on your website, I’m even more excited. 😀
    And I saw the Pam and Jim wedding episode. It was adorable and in true The Office fashion, really funny as well. 😉


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