I’m grieving the loss of someone who isn’t real.

I realize that T.R. Knight leaving Grey’s Anatomy is old news. And I knew he left the show before I finished watching last season because I live in the world. But knowing something and having it hit you full-force are two completely different things. Last week as I was watching last season, I kept wondering why there wasn’t enough George. The boy did not have one plotline. Not one! What kind of way is that to treat the best part of the show? Grey’s Anatomy without George is like a s’more without the toasty marshmallow.

Meredith Grey and George O'Malley

After I watched the last ep (which totally brought back that classic season two magic), I did some Googling. There was T.R. saying how he left because he was reduced to this random character with hardly any scenes. That was just a raw deal. It was a mistake to fade him into the background and I think the show will suffer that loss. Those of us who love George will require much recovery time. Plus a whole lot more of that season two magic.

George O’Malley, you live on in our hearts.