cover love

Thanks to everyone who commented with warm fuzzies about the Something Like Fate cover! I am just so excited about this book. It’s sort of wild talking about an upcoming book so far in advance, especially considering that Waiting for You just came out in May. But that’s the world of publishing, always looking ahead. Kind of like how I am about life in general.

I was really impressed to see that several book bloggers had already picked up on the cover, like, not even a week after it was released. You guys rock. You’re right about the synopsis not being posted yet. However, as many of you have guessed, the story deals with a lovers’ triangle. It’s amazing how much a finger touch can say. When we get closer to the pub date, I’ll post pics of the cover models so you can see how cute they are. That boy is hot. He’s already shown up on two other recent teen novel covers. My editor went to the photo shoot and conferenced with the models, telling them a bit about the book and their characters. I don’t know how she did it, but those models totally feel like my characters, even from the back. You can check out the studio where the photo shoot took place.

The cover’s not the only exciting part of the Something Like Fate book jacket. The spine has this gorgeous watercolor pattern that will totally pop on the shelves. And guess what? The When It Happens and Take Me There paperbacks have been revamped, so all of my books will now have this cool watercolor pattern in different color themes! I can’t wait to see them all lined up together. But that’s not all – my paperback covers have been revamped, so now they all have a uniform look. The same cover images were used for the repackaging, but now all the covers have pretty new fonts, enhanced colors, tag lines, embossing, and something called spot gloss, which I am so excited to see. When these editions are released in a few months, I’ll post the covers here. I’ll also be running contests for you guys to win some.

One last thing about Something Like Fate: The pub date has been finalized as May 18, 2010. This is a strict on-sale date, which is an awesome thing to have with a book. It means that all bookstores should definitely have the book out on that date. There will also be a Something Like Fate floor display, so you know what that means. Even more contest opportunities in the house! And with the strict on-sale date, all of the floor displays should be out at the same time as well. Now I just have to think up a fantastic new floor display contest…