santorini, finally

For so long, I’ve been hearing that Santorini is the most beautiful place on Earth. But nothing could have prepared me for how amazing it was.

First of all, the view from our hotel room was spectacular:

Hotel room view in Santorini

Santorini is the result of a volcanic eruption. The island is a circular formation that’s actually the rim of an old volcano, with many exposed rock layers along steep cliffs. Which means to get up or down the cliffsides, taking an alarmingly fast cab ride zinging around sharp curves is pretty much the only option. You could Google “Santorini caldera” to get an idea of the vast awesomeness of these cliffs. Homes were carved out of pumice in a uniform style, all curved and white with highlights of Aegean blue. Here’s the town of Oia:

Santorini, Greece

Our hotel had one of the top five infinity pools in the world. If you don’t believe in love at first sight, then you really should have seen me with that pool. I spent every morning / early afternoon by it in my lounge chair. I don’t know how to swim, but I clung to the edge of the pool so you could see what it was like:

Susane Colasanti in Santorini

The food was very fresh. I was totally getting my nutrients on:

Fresh pasta in Santorini

Santorini is known for its beautiful sunsets, like this one:

Santorini sunset

I had to be pried from Santorini, crying like it was the last day of summer camp. We had a serious connection. However, it was good to visit some other Greek islands as well. Paros contained many cats. The cats come up to you with sharp eyes, scavenging. We ended our trip with a visit to Mykonos, where I procured some mati items. Mati means eye, and it protects against the evil eye, which is the collective negative energy. Mykonos also has a famous large pelican named Petro. Actually, there are three large pelicans, so it’s a collective Petro:

Petro in Mykonos

So now I’m back, with two weeks of life to catch up on. For now, I’m celebrating the last day of summer with a rainbow snow cone. Cheers, everybody!

18 thoughts on “santorini, finally

  1. WOW!! The view from your hotel room makes it look like you could fall right into the ocean! This place is beautiful! I’ve only ever seen Greece in movies, and apparently they’re accurate! I’m so glad you got to vacay here – with SP I presume! Are you in the best part of your life or what?! šŸ™‚
    The infinity pool is sweet! I love the shot of the city architecture as well. It’s unlike anything I’ve seen before. Your photos are fantastic!

    • Yes, SP totally spoiled me at that hotel. It was unreal. He kept saying how much I’d love Santorini and friends who’ve been there were like, “You’re never going to want to come home!”, but I had no idea. The photos hardly capture the gorgeousness.

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