something like fate

My next book, Something Like Fate, will be released on May 13, 2010. I am beyond excited to share the cover with you:

Something Like Fate by Susane Colasanti

What do you think?

I think this cover is hot. My publisher even did a photo shoot for it, which is a rare thing. And an awesome thing, because these models are my characters. Even from the back, I can tell. It’s unreal. The designer (you rock, Jim!) just finished the book jacket. It is so gorgeous. I seriously cannot wait for you to see it.

I’ll tell you about the photo shoot and some other fun stuff when I return from the Greek Islands. I’ll be on vacay there for the next two weeks. As I’m not sure what the Internet access will be like, I don’t know if I can blog before I get back. But I will try my best to post a few photos from Santorini. I’ve been hearing that Santorini is the most beautiful place in the world for years, so I’m psyched to immerse myself in all the beauty. The forecast is almost identical for every single day – high of 80, low of 70, low humidity, totally sunny. Yay yay freaking yay!

Enjoy these last two weeks of summer! For those of you going back to school, I hope you have an incredible year.

48 thoughts on “something like fate

    • Stock photos can be just as magical. I was completely blown away by the cover of Waiting for You. It could not have been more perfect – and it was a total stock photo. Can’t wait to see your next cover!

      • Yeah, but i always worry you will see it again. Which has happened with so many books. Even the guy on Torched has been used on three other books that I know of. At least they used him in different ways and added other elements.

  1. WOW, Susane! That is amazing! I like how they stuck with the couples theme, and the light colors, but shook it up a bit! That is definitely a cover that says a LOT and will attract readers! I simply cannot wait to get my hands on a copy!

  2. When I saw this cover a few weeks ago, I knew that I’d have to get yet another one of your books! I love how the covers all seem to have a similar theme. I can’t wait for a summary/blurb so I can post it as my Waiting on Wednesday.
    Yay for Greece! My dad and I spent a bit over three weeks in Greece a few years ago. It was amazing and you’re going to love it. Santorini is beautiful, but I have to say that almost every other island I went to was just as pretty or almost, and they were less touristy. I hope that you have a wonderful time!

  3. Thank you so much for writing this book! One thing that really changes my opinion on characters now is how you book forces you into seeIng both sides. Also, I don’t know if you’ve exhausted your interest in this novels type and subject of writing, but it would be very interesting if you came up with a sequel for this AMAZING book!
    Kasey just a girl who’s life changed from a book


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