queue traffic

In my experience, stuff happens all together. There could be nothing going on for days and then wham! Everything spazzes out at the same time. This is what’s happening with my Netflix queue. Why do all of my shows have to come out in September? When I won’t even be here for half the month? At least the waiting is over. I thought maybe you’d like to know these release dates as well, so here we go:

  • Gossip Girl, season two – just released
  • One Tree Hill, season six – just released
  • Thirtysomething, season one – just released
  • Brothers & Sisters, season three – Sept. 1
  • Desperate Housewives, season five – Sept. 1
  • Fringe, season one – Sept. 8
  • Grey’s Anatomy, season five – Sept. 15
  • Private Practice, season two – Sept. 15
  • 30 Rock, season three – Sept. 22

See? So many of the best shows, all at once. And of course The Office comes out on September 8, but I have to buy that so it’s not on my queue. I could totally own all of these box sets and enjoy them immensely. However, I am applying restraint. Back in my Blockbuster days, a friend told me that Grey’s Anatomy season three was just as good as season two, so I went ahead and bought it. That was a mistake. But I hear Grey’s got really good again this season, so I’m excited to see what’s up with everyone.

I’m also curious about Thirtysomething. I was a teen when it was on and I never watched it because everyone was too old (i.e. in their 30s). Guess who’s in their 30s now? Fringe has Joshua Jackson and I am desperately missing Pacey Witter, so I’ve added Fringe out of Dawson’s Creek nostalgia. Not sure if the Housewives are still burning down each other’s houses and killing their neighbors and whatnot, but I do like that show. 30 Rock and Brothers & Sisters are just quality shows, always. I know they will not disappoint.

So yeah. I’ll have to remind myself that it’s not all about the Great Indoors for the next several weeks. As for this weekend, we’re having a sweet break from the heat and humidity. I’ll be stocking up on extra outdoor time. I hope you rock your weekend, too.

6 thoughts on “queue traffic

  1. this season of Grey’s Anatomy did get much better.
    the finale…i can’t even begin to describe it.
    i can’t even tell you how much i cried.
    it was insane.

  2. I’m looking forward to House being released on Sept 1st! I hear that Fringe is pretty good, I haven’t seen any episodes yet though. And I can’t wait for the new Gossip Girl season to start! You’ll probably be all caught up by then. : )
    Right now I’m in about to start season 5 of Lost. I had only seen a few episodes of season one when it came out but one of my friends is OBSESSED so he made me promise that I’ll watch them all this summer. I’m also watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer– middle of season 2! Sooooo good so far! (Lost is actually kind of boring in my opinion, you need to watch like 4 episodes at a time)

    • A few friends have suggested House, so I added it to my queue. With all of this queue traffic, though, it will be a while before I start watching. I should add Buffy – I’ve never seen it.
      Yes, I’m already caught up with GG! So freaking good.


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