i heart

Some things I’m loving…

1. My new fluffy bath sheets. They are so fluffy! And huge! I heard Oprah tell this story about promising to buy herself bath sheets once she could afford them. I guess she has an entire bath sheet collection by now. In case you’re unfamiliar, bath sheets are like bath towels but bigger. MIne are really soft. I might actually work in a bath sheet one day, just to be decadent. It can be the new Casual Friday attire. I’ve already asked my boss and she said I could. (Joke, since I’m self-employed).

2. Fresh watermelon juice with crushed ice. When it’s hot and humid, I’m all about the crushed ice. Simple drinks are the best. I’m a big water drinker, but In August I tend to get bored with water all the time. Fresh, simple juices are so refreshing. Same with fresh, simple meals. Even though I’ve been a vegetarian since college, I’m sometimes still surprised at how good pasta with just vine tomatoes, basil, garlic, and olive oil can be.

3. I know I’m like a year late, but how good is season two of Gossip Girl? With a kick! I’m just past the ep where that psycho model torched all of Jenny’s dresses. This is bothering me way too much. Those gorgeous dresses – gone! I desperately want Jenny to remake them so I can stop being traumatized. Oh, and her scruffy hair/heavy eyeliner/drugged out look? Not feeling that. At least Dan Humphrey is still cute.

4. Apparently, I look just like Kiefer Sutherland’s girlfriend. Everyone knows that Kiefer and I go way back. We’re also connected by another degree because we have a friend in common. I saw our mutual friend the other day and he was like, “You’re the spitting image of Kiefer’s girlfriend. Every time I see her, I think of you.” So of course I had to Google her. In this pic, she does look exactly like me:

Kiefer Sutherland and Susane Colasanti...or is she?

I swear that could be me! But in all the other pics, it’s clear that she’s model gorgeous, so my friend is obviously just being kind. Still, though, it was funny how he was all like, “Oh, by the way…” As if this information was too dull to tell me about before. I assumed she’d be super young, but it turns out we’re the same age. She’s even a writer type. SP was not impressed by this conversation. No worries, boyfriend. Jack Bauer is unavailable. And, um, fictional.

11 thoughts on “i heart

  1. Gossip Girl is AMAZING. Season 2 gets better and juicier as the episodes go by. Except there are some mini-storylines that end badly or leave you hanging for a bit. But I guess that’s the magic of it.
    Jenny’s scruffy hair/heavy eyeliner/drugged out look pretty much stays for the rest of the season. Which is too bad.

  2. Before reading your little blurb, I totally thought that was a picture of you eating with Kiefer Sutherland! Wow, she really does look quite a bit like you. I’m off to google some more of her because well…I’m intrigued haha.

  3. The final word.
    Hello folks. This is SP here. I’m just chiming in to set the record straight: Yes, Kiefer’s GF is hot. Extremely hot. How hot? About 50% as hot as Susane. And how hot is that? If an arizona desert cactus could speak, he’d say, “Man, that’s hot. Somebody get a fire extinguisher!”

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