How refreshing was my long weekend in Vancouver? Sweater-wearing refreshing, that’s how. It was cool and crisp. Vancouver is very vegetarian friendly, so I had good things to eat, like an elaborate fruit and berry plate that made me very happy.

Other happy Vancouver things:

1. Bike riding! I know this sounds like an extremely basic activity, but there’s no way I’d ride a bike on these New York City streets with cars zipping by like two millimeters from my face. I’m into this living thing way too much. We went bike riding in Stanley Park. So. Much. Fun. Here I am in front of Science World with E. Lockhart’s The Treasure Map of Boys, which was incredibly wonderful (I’ll be writing about it soon).

Susane Colasanti at Science World in Vancouver

2. Canadian politeness! It’s both endearing and hilarious. This sign was outside of a parking garage. I love how it’s all like, We apologize for the bad news, so let’s make the sign all about how sorry we are and then maybe put the actual information you need in smaller font down there, as an afterthought.

Classic Canadian politeness

3. Living things! Here we have a seagull attempting to snarf down a sea star (he was not a starfish, as sea stars are not fish, they’re echinoderms). I’d never seen a seagull eating a sea star before. I didn’t even know that seagulls ate sea stars. Far out.

Seagull and sea star in Vancouver

4. What this license plate says.

Vancouver license plate