big gay ice cream truck

Found him.

Big Gay Ice Cream Truck with Doug Quint

It’s the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck! With Doug in the window! He’s out a few days each week, but it’s been so hot that I didn’t want ice cream. Which I know sounds counterintuitive. It’s just that when it’s really hot out, your ice cream melts in like three seconds. How much fun is that? So I waited until it wasn’t scorching and tracked down the truck. Doug is super creative with the toppings. He uses bacon to create the wildly popular Choinkwich. He has toppings like curried coconut, Nutella, Trix, pickles, and pumpkin butter. I’m sort of a purist when it comes to ice cream. I felt like an unadventurous dork getting my cup of vanilla with butterscotch and extra sprinkles. I prefer cones, but the cup was to prevent melting accidents. Unfortunately, the combination of my being a slow eater and August in New York resulted in the wind zinging melted ice cream right out of my cup. I’ve made a pact to return when it’s cooler, when I will be more adventurous. Not that I’m always more adventurous when it’s cooler. But this is a special occasion. The pumpkin butter sounds pretty good. So yeah, the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck is making quite a splash around these parts. Even NPR interviewed Doug. That’s how much of a rock star he is.

For the rest of the week, I’ll be unplugged from the Internet. I’m going to Vancouver, where it’s supposed to get down to the 50s at night! Yay for a cool, refreshing break. I like to do a technology cleanse every so often, so four days away from the computer will be restorative. Otherwise known as How Things Were Not Too Long Ago. Catch you next week. Stay cool!

3 thoughts on “big gay ice cream truck

  1. oh man do i want ice cream.
    also, all your talk about The Office talked me into watching it.
    and i love it.
    i’m so in love.
    all thanks to you! šŸ˜€
    and, i promised to report on Degrassi Goes Hollywood.
    and it was awesome.
    i cried.
    which is a good sign.
    it’s definately worth the two hours you’ll never get back.


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