oh yeah? yeah!

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So it seems that Flight of the Conchords is done. It only survived for two short seasons. That’s just not right, people. What a quirky, funny, smart, low-budge show. At least Jemaine Clement is up for an Emmy. Although he’s up against Steve Carell and Steve totally has to win. He’s really overdue. Anyway, it’s a crisis that Flight has been grounded. As my way of keeping the show alive, I’d like to share this hilarious clip from season two. If you’ve never seen the show and are considering getting your Flight on, this gives you a good idea about what kind of humor you’re in for. The awesome kind, is what. Yeah!

4 thoughts on “oh yeah? yeah!

  1. my dad joined facebook a while ago. we are still waiting for him to do something embarrassing. a friend of mine emails him regularly to ask if he will.

  2. writing dream
    Susane, I just read your interview with the Undercover Book Lover. I’m so glad your books got published for us teens to read and learn from! In the interview, you said you started the author dream around 16. Mine started around the same time (17). I was wondering if you were always a good writer or if you just started to write after that point? Im asking because I have the same dream. I want to know if its maybe possible for me to become an author in the future too.

    • Re: writing dream
      I think some other blog readers have the same question, so I’ll be posting a reader Q&A on Monday with an answer for you. My short answer: Anything is possible. Never give up.

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