so punk rock

Whenever I read an awesome new teen novel, I get super excited about sharing it with you. Which is why I’m stoked to tell you about So Punk Rock.

David and Micol Ostow

Here’s the illustrator, David Ostow, with the author, Micol Ostow. How cool is it that they’re bother and sister? They got together to create a story about these Jewish kids who start a band. The Jewish thing is a big part of the book, but no worries if you’re unfamiliar with that world. You will find the Glossary of Jewish, Musical and Otherwise Esoteric Terms in the back. Plus, Micol and David do a sweet job of explaining what everything means as the story unfolds. It was fun times laughing over the New Jersey references (we’re all from there). After my grandparents retired, they were caretakers of a temple near where the Ostows grew up, which is why I got the minyan joke on page 173.

The writing style of So Punk Rock rocks. Micol uses words like “smug” and “duh” as verbs. Righteous. Every sentence is a winner. My fav quote: “Awesomely, an image of hot Larafromcamp and her hot sister on vacation in hot Israel. A perfect trifecta of heat.” David includes illustrations throughout the book that totally enhance the story. He’s mad talented. They both are. So if you’re looking for a fun, cute read, give this one a try. Rock on.

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