i’m a size 4. not.

My Gap jeans are size 6. So when I went to the Gap a few days ago to score some cropped boyfriend jeans, I was all set to rummage for a size 6. Of course they were all out. For some reason, when it comes to the Gap I’m usually about half a year too late to get whatever it is I’m looking for. But they had other interesting stuff. I took some capris and jeans into the fitting room. They were all huge. I kept the last pair on and went out to the dressing room lady all like, “Excuse me, but are the jeans cut differently this season?” The waist was puffing out so much in the back you could totally see what color stripes my underwear had. She told me that all of their new jeans are a size lower than your usual size. She told me that I need size 4, possibly even size 2.

That is hilarious on so many levels.

I have what one might describe as an hourglass figure. I also have what one might describe as junk in the trunk. An hourglass figure plus junk in the trunk does not equal size 4. It’s just doesn’t. Apparently, Gap has not gotten the memo on this. There are two possible explanations:

1. Their new size chart goes down to negative 10.
2. Skinny girls don’t shop at the Gap.

The dressing room lady was correct. I ended up getting size 4 capris. And size 2 would have fit for some styles.

Although these capris are fascinating, they’re not my fav new article of clothing. That would be this shirt:

Susane Colasanti + Jam tee

Jim and Pam forever. It’s a Jam thing.

In other entertainment news, it has come to my attention that Degrassi Goes Hollywood will be on this Friday. If you watch it, totally let me know how it was!