Talk about refreshed. The cool, crisp summer breeze was blowing in through my bedroom window all night. I was under the covers, even. There’s nothing like a refreshing summer breeze. August can bring it now. Well, maybe August could bring some of it but cut down on the humidity? The breeze was so amazing that it woke me up a few times around sunrise. Each time I looked out the window, the sky was an incredible shade of green or blue. Almost psychedelic. At first I was like, “Am I dreaming?” No, I was not. That’s just what it’s like when you get up early enough to enjoy the sunrise. Not that I’m making it a regular thing.

I just got some reader mail forwarded to me from my publisher. Love that! Actual letters are made of magic. It’s wonderful to receive reader emails and Facebook and MySpace messages, too. But there’s something about actual letters I’ve always loved. I was big on pen pals in my teen years. I love seeing a person’s handwriting, if they used a cool pen, which stationery they picked out. So I’m super excited to read my letters.

These letters remind me of when I had to teach my students how to address an envelope. When I was a teacher, every year I’d assign this special project where my students would write a letter to themselves that they would read in the future. They could write about anything, focusing on what their goals are and important things that they want their future selves to remember. I’d keep the letters for as long as they wanted (up to five years) and then send them back. With their letter, everyone had to hand in a self-addressed envelope. The first time I assigned this, I was shocked to see that very few kids knew how to address an envelope. For most of them, this was the first envelope they’d ever addressed! After that first year, I always drew a diagram of how to address an envelope on the board when I was explaining the assignment. It’s such a powerful commentary on how much our lives have changed.

Also powerful: Mindy Kaling Twittered that she’s working on the Jim and Pam wedding ep script with Greg Daniels. EW was all over it. Talk about pressure. Can you imagine being the one to write that script? It’d be all like, “Hey, so you know how we’ve been waiting for this day for four years? Yeah, you’re the one deciding how it looks. Good luck with that.” Intensity cubed. I cannot deal with the anticipation of that ep. If I had a TV, I’d be able to watch it in a few months when it’s on. Waiting until next September for the DVDs will be excruciating. I might have to take over SP’s big screen for this one. But no, because then it would be out of order. Conundrum!

Today’s a perfect day for some Big Gay Ice Cream Truck time. It’s not incredibly hot out, so you could actually get an ice cream cone without it melting all over the place in two seconds. But I just checked his website and he’s not out today! Oh, well. I’ll track him down one of these days, friendly neighbors. And when I do, you’ll see full documentation here. In the meantime, let’s do something else fun and summery today. Enjoy the summer breeze!


6 thoughts on “basics

  1. The letter idea! The first time I heard about that was as a kid, in an L.M. Montgomery book. We had to do it as well, and paste the letter into our Memory Books that we were required to make senior year of high school. I *really* like your twist on it though – you’d *keep* the letters and mail them back, so they couldn’t ‘cheat’ and read them ahead of time, or forget about them or lose them. It must have been tricky with address changes, though!
    BTW, you & one of my other friends both recommended Flight of the Conchords, and I just finished the first season. Awesome! It’s a lot like some of the other stuff I’m into. Great to watch while I’m waiting for The Office to start back up. šŸ™‚

    • Sadly, I think season one is better than season two. I mean, I totally love that show and I’m sad that it was canceled, but I was completely hysterical watching season one. I’m actually going to post my fav clip from season two next week, if I can find it. I’m so happy you’re down with Bret and Jemaine šŸ˜€

  2. letters for the future
    My english teacher had us write a letter to ourselves too! We’re supposed to read it in 10 years, so I think that will be exciting. I hope I don’t lose it! It had all the same aspects as your assignment did, but don’t worry, I knew how to address the envelope! =]

    • Re: letters for the future
      It’s so cool that other teachers do this! If I had to keep my letter for 10 years, I would probably want to read it sooner. I’m not sure if I could trust myself with it. But don’t peek at yours – you’ll love reading what you wrote 10 years from now šŸ˜€


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