summer viewing

Dude. (500) Days of Summer is so freaking good. That Expectations/Reality split-screen? Incredible. You seriously need to go see it. As a bonus during my movie time, I enjoyed the benefits of shared air conditioning. The city was a wall of humidity before the downpour on Wednesday night, so the relief was refreshing. I don’t have an issue with air conditioning as long as it’s shared. It’s only when no one’s using it or I’m here alone that I can’t bring myself to have it on. Unless it’s 100 degrees in August, which I’m sure we’ll be encountering soon. Last August was a gorgeous anomaly.

Around the time I was watching this scene…

(500) Days of Summer

…a huge storm rumbled in. In a rural New Jersey town, a tornado ripped some roofs off barns and took down a silo. I just wanted to point that out because a lot of people think that tornadoes can’t happen around here. They totally can!

I am happy to report that I handled my eye exam pretty well. When it was time for the hurricane-strength-wind test, I sat down in front of that hulking machine all like, “You and me, we’re gonna throw down.” But then the fear encroached. I had to put my finger up to feel that the air puff is really just a puff. My eyes got all twitchy and squinty, despite my efforts to psych them out. My optometrist told me that everyone gets nervous with the glaucoma test. I’m sure he was just trying to make me feel better. But when he told me that, I felt like less of a dork than I usually do.

The happy surprise was that I don’t need new glasses. My eyes haven’t changed at all in the past few years, for which I’m so thankful. The thing is, I’ve been getting all bleary eyed after a few hours on the computer. Apparently, it’s because I’m not taking enough breaks. You’re supposed to look away from the computer every 20 minutes for one or two minutes. Every 20 minutes! Sometimes it’s hours before I realize that hours have gone by. Short of Andy Bernard honking a bear horn and doing the Running Man next to my desk, I don’t think I’ll be able to pull my eyes away from the screen that frequently. But I will try.

There’s a rumor going around that all Barnes & Noble stores now have free Wi-Fi. If true, enjoy!

8 thoughts on “summer viewing

  1. tornadoes..
    I’ve been saying that about tornadoes too! I live in northeastern ohio and we often get bad storms. I’m always in fear of a tornado, while others just laugh and say I’m ridiculous! I’m glad someone out there sees my point on how tornados CAN happen in this part of the US! Once again, you’ve made me feel better about myself, ha thanks susane!

    • Re: tornadoes..
      When I was an Earth Science teacher, every year my students were shocked to learn that tornadoes can happen in New York City. They can happen in any state. So yeah, you are totally right on.

  2. I really want to see 500 Days of Summer. The director I think is from Madison, which is cool b/c I live in WI. The bad news is that the only theatres that are showing it are atleast an hour away! 😦

  3. I can’t wait to see (500) Days of Summer. I get so excited each time I hear that someone else has seen it and enjoyed it. And now I’m worried about my poor, poor eyes. When I’m using the computer for long periods of time, I barely ever look away from the screen. Eep.

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