smiley faces

I still haven’t absorbed last Friday’s good news. How can I be on a Top Ten Bestseller list with J.K. Rowling and Neil Gaiman? They clearly have me confused with someone else.

Or maybe I’m hallucinating. That’s the kind of thing that happens when you’ve been scrutinizing copyedits for days. I’m obsessed with details, so I can agonize over a word choice for way longer than I should. Or whether a certain comma interrupts the dialogue flow. One detail I’m really happy about is that smiley faces are still part of the copyediting process, even though we’ve shifted to a new on-screen framework. Yay for the preservation of smiley faces, even if they’re not in colored pencil anymore:

Something Like Fate copyedits

Other happy things include this Running for Fiction review of Waiting for You. I recently posted links to Robby’s reviews of When It Happens and Take Me There. The most I can hope for is that my readers will relate to my books and maybe even feel better about their own lives. All of your kind words mean so much to me, I cannot even tell you. I feel extremely thankful for feedback like Robby’s. Most of the time it’s hard for authors to know how their books are doing out in the world. To everyone who has let me know how I’m doing: You rock. And for those of you who might want to connect with me, here’s where you can find me on Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter.

Dude, the loudest storm just moved in. We had such a downpour yesterday, all resonant thunder and powerful wind. The storm was so intense that my screens are totally cleaned now. Bonus! I like working while it’s pouring out, the sound of the summer rain, my warm desk lamp glowing. Back to the Something Like Fate copyedits. Maybe more smiley faces are waiting to be found.