things made of cool

Happy First Moon Landing 40th Anniversary! How are you celebrating? I’m going for a Firecracker Popsicle later. Those are the ones that are red, white, and blue and look like rocket ships. They are just so refreshing. In fact, a box of Firecracker Popsicles is the first thing I’m going to put in my freezer when I move to a bigger apartment and get to have a refrigerator with a freezer. It’s been a long six years with no freezer, particularly in the summer when you want something icy. Ah, the joys of NYC living. Location trumps frozen food.

Over the weekend, I did some volunteer work for President Obama. We collected over 1,000 signatures in support of his health care reform initiative. This freaking rocks. I am so sad and mad about all of the people who don’t have health insurance because it’s crazy expensive, all the kids who never go to the doctor because their parents can’t afford to take them, everyone living with serious health issues who can’t receive the care they need. And I’m horrified by the amount of older people who can’t take their medication because it isn’t covered by insurance. I really, really hope things change very soon.

A cool summer breeze flowed through my window that night, calming my rage. I woke up Sunday all excited to see that Waiting for You got a shout-out in The Philadelphia Inquirer. I have love for this newspaper since I lived in Philly when I went to Penn. I always love going back to visit Philly in that way where you have emotional ties to the places you’ve lived. Anyway, here’s the feature with some other hot summer teen reads. More cool links: Running for Fiction reviewed When It Happens. And the review of Take Me There that was posted today gives you a good idea about how the book’s plot lines are connected. It’s hard to believe that Robby is only 14. He has skills like that. Also, Kristin recently established Teens Read, a Ning for teens who love to read. I swear, if sites like these and online book discussions and Facebook and other ways to interact with my fave authors all existed back in the day, I would have been ecstatic. This whole Internet thing rocks.

I checked in at my Goodreads page and saw that the pub date for Something Like Fate has been listed. It’s May 13, 2010! I’m sort of freaking out that next year is 2010 already, but I’m more excited to see the pub date listed. I need things like this to make a new book feel real. At this point, the manuscript is in copyediting. I’m finishing my acknowledgments today. And then, you know. Getting that Firecracker Popsicle. Astronauts rule.

8 thoughts on “things made of cool

  1. Wow, these are all very exciting things that you blogged about. Excellent job on collecting those signatures. I can’t believe your next book will be out that soon! I haven’t gotten to read Waiting for You yet, but I’ll look forward to the release of Something Like Fate.
    Enjoy your popsicle, haha.

    • Before I became an author, I didn’t know that a book is usually finished a year before it’s published. So in one way, it’s wild to be writing book five when book three just came out. But in another way, it’s awesome because I can always be working on the next next thing. I like having something to look forward to πŸ™‚

  2. you’re one of my favorite people in the whole entire world πŸ˜€
    i love being told i have skills.
    it gives me a mad confident boost.
    i’m pumped for Something Like Fate.
    i shall run to my closest bookstore and get the first copy when it comes out.
    i may even skip school.
    i’m a rebel like that.


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