yip-yips discover mr. clock

It may finally be sinking in that it is, in fact, July. It’s day two of hot and humid, which is only slightly more tolerable than cold and windy. Everybody knows that I don’t do winter. I also don’t do uncomfortable heat conditions. I guess I’m just not into extremes when it comes to weather.

Since I’m enjoying the Great Indoors today, I’ve decided to post some vintage Sesame Street for your viewing pleasure. This is the last in a series featuring the Yip-Yip Martians. In this clip, the Yip-Yips discover a clock. Brilliance ensues.

Stay cool.

4 thoughts on “yip-yips discover mr. clock

  1. Yip Yips
    Yes when faced with a situation that is foreign to you it is always best to check the book! “Book say!”

  2. i know how you feel about the whole July thing. i missed the sun, but now it’s too hot. and i love rain, but i stopped loving it after it wouldn’t go away.
    it’s a lose-lose situation, i guess.
    also, i just put up a review of Take Me There.
    it was wonderful and totally surpassed my expectations.
    thanks for being such a totally awesome writer.


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