in which my neighbor was not friendly

Earlier this week, I was in one of those situations where my neighbor forgot to turn his alarm off before leaving for Europe. So every morning at 5:00 (or maybe 4:00 – I was too groggy to tell time, even on my digital clock), his alarm would go off and I got to wake up super early. Fun times! It was one of those alarms that get angrier the longer you don’t turn them off. It would start of all normal, like be-da-lee-dee…be-da-lee-dee. But then it would get all loud like EH-EH-EH. For an hour. There was no going back to sleep after that rude awakening. I think my super finally found a key, because the alarm didn’t go off this morning. Either that or I was so exhausted I slept through it.

This might not have been a problem if I was a morning person. My circadian rhythm dictates that I am a night person. Back in high school, it was always so hard for me to wake up early. I usually stayed up way too late. Every day of my teen life being the worst day ever didn’t motivate me to get up early, either. Getting up was easier when I was a teacher because I actually wanted to go to school, but it was still horrific to set my alarm for times like 4:45. No one should be awake at 4:45. That’s just wrong. So since I like staying up late, I couldn’t get myself to adjust to my neighbor’s alarm clock by going to sleep earlier. If I’m not making much sense right now, we can totally blame him.

In all of this huffufle, I wasn’t able to track down the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck. The dude is away for a few days, so I’ll have to report back to you on that next week. Good thing Crumbs is always around. It’s been a while since I’ve shared any Crumbs cupcake adventures with you, so I stopped in to see what’s new. They are getting seriously creative with cupcake names. There was the Half-Blood Prince and the Elvis. When I saw the S’mores, I knew I had to document one for you:

S'Mores cupcake at Crumbs

For now, I need to catch up on sleep. I also want to find a power strip with a plug that fits flatly against the wall. I have a new Crate & Barrel entertainment cabinet that I wanted to push back against the wall, but the plug on my power strip behind the cabinet is so massive that there’s this annoying space between the cabinet and the wall. I guess a trip to Bed & Bath is inevitable. If I wasn’t such an organization freak, I’d think this type of preoccupation was a result of sleep deprivation. But no, it’s just me. Cheers!