july, apparently

It seems to be July. How did that happen? I don’t know if it’s been the incessant cloudy, rainy weather or what, but it totally doesn’t feel like summer at all. Well, hey, here we are, so welcome! If you’re on summer vacay, I hope you’re having a blast so far. The thing I always loved most about summer vacay was the possibility of returning to school as this whole other person. Where you could show up on the first day and be the person you’d always wanted to be, and everyone would just accept the new you for who you are. Not like that ever happened. But the possibility that it could happen was exciting anyway.

Here are some things that are happening for real.

Juiciliciousss Reviews reviewed Waiting for You. I’m not sure why it took me so long to discover this site because it’s really impressive. Stephanie has reviewed so many incredible books and she interviews the authors we love. Definitely one to check out. Also, Blogging YA posted a non-review of Waiting for You. I kind of think it turned out to be a review in disguise.

Over at Teenreads, I’m honored to be the latest guest blogger. Since a lot of people I know (including myself) struggle with living in the Now, I decided to write about why the Now is so important.

In Netflix news, I’ve started watching Gossip Girl. It’s better than I expected. Of course I like Dan Humphrey the best because he’s all – okay, you know what? I really can’t discuss anything further about this show until I clear up a burning question. So can I just ask – are Leighton Meester and Minka Kelly the same person?

 Leighton Meester     Minka Kelly

Seriously! What is up with them?! Are Leighton and Minka sisters and no one told me? Or is this some kind of conspiracy? Another thing is that Vanessa has a Cameron Diaz thing going on. But one burning question at a time. Any information regarding this matter is greatly appreciated.