destroy all cars

Congrats to the winner of my Along for the Ride giveaway, ! There were so many awesome comments that I had to randomly select my winner. Reading all of your entries about your favorite Sarah Dessen books was incredible. You can read everyone’s comments here.

Speaking of great books, have you read Destroy All Cars by Blake Nelson?

Destroy All Cars by Blake Nelson

I’ve been a hardcore Blake Nelson fan since Girl came out and was shelved in the adult fiction section. So I was majorly stoked for this book. It did not disappoint. The story is about this boy James who thinks that all cars should be destroyed before they destroy the entire planet. He is so angry and passionate that he reminded me of me in my teen and college years. I can still relate to his anger. Like when I was at the airport and saw how they have this service where you can wrap your bags in layers of plastic. Many, many layers of plastic. From this huge roll of plastic, all sitting in the middle of the airport, just waiting to destroy the planet in all of its stupidness, with people actually wanting this service. When I saw that huge roll of plastic, I wanted to scream. Maybe I could understand the need to wrap your bag after it explodes, but the people waiting in line had very intact bags.

Or how I was seeing an apartment the other day and the broker actually wanted to leave the air conditioner on (which we didn’t even need on in the first place – can you not be slightly warm for three minutes?) after we left so it would be “cool in here for the next broker.” Are you freaking kidding me? I could not march over to that evil greenhouse gas dispenser/energy waster fast enough and turn it off. It really made me mad because this is how some people are. Like, every day.


So yeah. I can relate to the anger. This book also made me think about how we change over the years. I used to be much more proactive and in people’s faces about the ways in which they are destroying the Earth. Now I’m not nearly as confrontational, which is a good thing. But we change in so many ways that we can’t even imagine, with our styles and music and colors we like. Back in college, my sheets and comforter were all in dark colors. Now I would never even think of dark colors for that stuff. My sheets and blanket and towels are all very light colors, creating a sort of Zen spa effect. And there’s no way I would wear most of the clothes I wore ten years ago. What was I thinking?

See, this is how you know Destroy All Cars is an amazing book. When a book makes you think about so many things, it has connected with you in a meaningful way. Rock on, Blake. Keep the spark alive.