Congrats to the three winners of my Floor Display Contest!

Renee took first place with her super creative entry:

Waiting for You ginormous contest winners

Love the When It Happens theme. Surprisingly, she was the only one who busted out the Photoshop. I could seriously play around on Photoshop for days. So fun! Renee won copies of all three of my books.

This pic scored a second-place win for Marjon:

Waiting for You ginormous contest winners

Note the waiting mode of both the friendly neighbors in the pic and of the book itself. Putting sunglasses and the scarf on Waiting for You made the book like it was relaxing in a tropical climate, just as Marisa sometimes envisions. Nice one!

Paula won a copy of Take Me There:

Waiting for You ginormous contest winners

You might not see the creative aspect of this photo. Here’s the premise. Paula was one of my good friends in high school. I haven’t seen her since then. A few months ago, we reconnected on Facebook and she found out that I’m an author. So this photo, with my friend from high school in front of the magazines we used to read and cut things out of to make collages, next to my floor display which is a reality we could only dream about back then, blows my mind on several levels. This photo is a holistic experience. It’s a statement that dreams do become reality. Anything is possible. Remembering how difficult my life was back then, I’m here to tell you this: If I can be the architect of my own destiny, so can you.


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