My book is in the Raleigh-Durham airport Borders!

Take Me There by Susane Colasanti airport sighting

But I’m jumping ahead.

We went to Chapel Hill, North Carolina this weekend for a wedding.  Chapel Hill is a cute little town with impressive trees and sweet air.  They love their Tar Heels! Sarah Dessen often raves about her Heels on her blog, but I just thought she was a fan.  Now I understand it’s more like a way of life.  These were the wedding favors:

Tar Heels wedding cookies

I had no idea what these cookies were supposed to be.  Get it?  Tar on the heels? Other things of note are the Pac-Man mint tins I scored at Chapel Hill Comics and a dessert place called Sugarland, which of course I had to visit.

So.  We were at the airport to get our flight home when SP wanted to go in the airport Borders.  He always wants to check out airport bookstores for my books.  I never want to.  Why would my books be there?  Those bookstores are so small that there’s only like five books in the teen section. I explain that I am not Meg Cabot.  I explain that I have not written a book containing vampires.  But SP isn’t hearing any of that.  He is my #1 fan.  He always insists on checking.

And there it was.  A copy of Take Me There.

It was a moment I’ve secretly been waiting for.  Seeing my book in an airport bookstore was one of my goals that I didn’t really have control over, but always wished would happen.  I was a bit verklempt.  Laurie Halse Anderson had been there on her recent tour and signed copies of Wintergirls, so I had to sign my book, too.  SP did a happy dance, even though his neck had a crinck in it because he didn’t see the pillow menu at the hotel and slept all crooked.  That’s dedication.