it’s your last chance…

…to enter my Floor Display Contest! All entries must be received by Friday, June 5 at 11:11 p.m. Email a photo of you with my books (at home or in the store) to me at friendly.neighbor [at] The three most creative photos win.

MyFavoriteAuthor is featuring a month of First Love & Summer Romance. I shared some thoughts about the magic of summer love. Check back for more book reviews and authors’ opinions.

Remember my massive giraffe balloon from BEA? Well, there’s supposed to be a video of me learning how to make a balloon dog on the Guinness World Records website. But I can’t find it anywhere. So if you come across this video in your travels, kindly drop me a line. My giraffe has deflated a bit, but here he was on the first day I brought him home:

Giraffe balloon from BEA

It’s sort of hard to tell, but that’s the fox from The LIttle Prince on my dresser. I collect all things Little Prince, particularly related to the fox. His tail is so puffy!

Okay, I’m mad late on this, but is the upcoming Degrassi movie a TV movie or a new mini-season or what? And please tell me Joey and Caitlin and Snake are in it. If they’re kicking it old-school, I’m there.


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