book expo america

Okay, I was planning to do a journal entry with both BEA and NYC Teen Author Carnival highlights, but I have way too much for Show and Tell. So I’m sharing all of my BEA stuff today and I’ll do the Carnival journal entry next time.

BEA was freaking awesome! Before heading over, I had lunch with a mystery guest:

Susane Colasanti and Sarah Dessen at Empire Diner

Oh, you thought that shadow effect was a mistake? Heck no, it was intentional. I like to build up suspense. My mystery guest will be revealed later. Do you want a hint? I’ll give you three: We are both diner people, we both love The Office, and we’re both Penguin authors. Hmmm…

Here’s someone you definitely know:

Susane Colasanti and Meg Cabot

It was my first time seeing Meg Cabot! Her signing line for the latest Allie Finkle galleys was crazylong. We did not care. It’s so exciting when you see someone you feel like you already know from online and then there they are, all live and in person. I always get overwhelmed. Especially since Meg is the queen of this scene, what with her zillion books and super fun blog, which I always love reading. Awesomeness ensued.

Balloon animals at BEA

This girl had a balloon animal hat, so of course I was like, “Where’d you get that?” I love balloon animals! Or any balloons, really. Can you imagine how thrilled I was that the Guinness Book World Record holder for Fastest Balloon Dog was there? No, you cannot. He is John Cassidy. He was making balloon animals (above, he is making a tree for a monkey). He went, “I’ll make you anything you want.” I was freaking out, all like, “Anything? Anything?!” The options were infinite! I didn’t know what to pick. I went with two penguins. Then I brought them over to the Penguin booth to share the love. John also gave me a huge giraffe because I love giraffes.

I knew exactly who would appreciate the giraffe as much as I do:

Susane Colasanti and Jon Scieszka

Ambassador Jon Scieszka! Jon was signing posters for his new book, Robot Zot. I’m so proud of Jon for writing such magnificent children’s books and inspiring more boys to read with his Guys Read initiative. There he goes, making the world a better place. Rock on, Jon.

So did you guess who my mystery guest was?

Sarah Dessen and Susane Colasanti

Yes, that’s totally Sarah Dessen! You should know that Sarah is every bit as sweet as you think she is. That’s why her books all have such a beautiful, timeless quality. You might have seen a pic of Sarah’s new touring shoes on her blog. They are some serious pink, glossy wedges. I’m five-eight and she was about my height in them. It takes big talent to rock shoes like that (I’d fall flat on my face in them), so I give her props. And more props for the paperback edition of Lock and Key being her first number-one New York Times bestseller! She is pure inspiration. Here’s to the magic of possibility.