creative people, doing their thing

My Floor Display Contest is heating up! You guys are made of magic. You have until next Friday, June 5 to enter. However, some of the Waiting for You floor displays that went up early may be coming down before then, so plan accordingly. The most creative photo of you with my books (taken in a bookstore or at home) wins.

In all of the book release excitement, my interview at Books Make Great Lovers didn’t get a shout-out. I have a lot more to say about teen sexuality, but I think the interview sums up my main points.

Something awesome: Google asked kids to redesign their homepage logo to encapsulate what they wish for the world. I absolutely love this contest! The teacher part of me is always interested in what kids can do with their creativity (which is why I’m so excited about my Floor Display Contest) and these kids did an incredible job. Check out the state finalists.

Super exciting events are happening over the next few days around here. I’ll be at the NYC Teen Author Carnival today and BEA tomorrow. There will be so many amazing authors at both events, so of course I’m bringing my cam to document everything for you. Hopefully, I’ll be posting a later journal entry tomorrow evening with some news and photos from both events. See you then!

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