work + fun

There’s a new line-editing process that I’m working with for the first time. The coolest thing about it is that it saves tons of paper because no one has to print out the manuscript to work on it. Yay for saving trees! A typical line-edit works like this: The editor writes comments and makes changes directly on the manuscript, then the author uses that info to do a final revision (before copyediting and first pass pages). With this new green way, both the editor and the author use the Track Changes feature in Word to make their comments and changes. I’m loving the adventure. It’s important to go with the flow. Only, I miss seeing the smiley faces my editor draws. Now her smiley faces look like this:

Track changes

As much as I love paper, I love how the publishing world is taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint more. Most people hate change, but now is the time to embrace it. At first, I was concerned about missing some things on screen that I would only absorb on paper. There’s something about holding a hard copy of a manuscript in paper form that allows me to work with it more effectively. But maybe I just think that because I’m so used to working that way. So I’m going to assume that I’m not missing anything on screen. Moving forward, maybe publishing houses can also require that all manuscripts be submitted by email. Then all those slush piles could become “slush files.” Oh! Corny alert!

In entertainment news, my Netflix queuing/returning skills recently paid off big time. I received season three of Friday Night Lights the day it was released on DVD. I tried to resist watching all the eps right away. My plan was to spread them out. My plan was to have a modicum of restraint. Yeah, no, that didn’t work. I watched the whole season in about three seconds. But it’s not my fault! That show is too good! And there were only 13 eps in the whole season. That’s just wrong! I’ve come to a realization this season. As much as I love Tim Riggins, I’m admiring Matt Saracen more. How sweet is he? I also think moving that last ep ahead five months to skip over the second semester of senior year was a bold move. I wanted to see that last semester, but I guess there are more exciting things in store for us.

Quick reminder about the NYC Teen Author Carnival. It’s tomorrow, May 28, at the New York Public LIbrary at 6th Avenue and 10th Street. We’ll be serving up the fun from 4:00 to 6:00. RSVP and see the deets here. Games and prizes, anyone?