contest extravaganza!

The thing about living in a 400-square-foot apartment is that you can’t have as many bookshelves as you’d like. I have all these:

Waiting for You by Susane Colasanti

but, like, zero shelf space. So I’m having yet another contest to win them! This will be the final contest to celebrate the Waiting for You release, which was last week.

Before I explain the new contest, let’s review the existing ones:

  • Soul Mates Contest – this is a joint contest with Melissa Walker. To enter, watch our video and then tell us your favorite TV or movie soul mates. Ends June 1.
  • Floor Display Contest – take a photo of you with the Waiting for You floor display, out now in Barnes & Noble stores. The most creative photo wins. Note: I’ve extended the rules to also include photos of you with just my books because not all B&N locations put up floor displays. Ends May 30.
  • Blog tour contests – I’ve compiled a list of my May blog tour stops on the Waiting for You page of my website. Each site offered a chance to win a signed copy of Waiting for You. Some of the contests are still open.

And now…this week’s contest! I’m calling it the Living In the Now Contest. In Waiting for You, Marisa struggles with living in the Now. It’s hard for her because she has an anxiety disorder. She’s constantly worrying about stupid things she said and what people think and a bunch of other stuff that prevents her from being present in the moment. So I want to know what you do to enjoy the Now. What things usually make you feel better when you’re sad? When I’m feeling sad, I watch The Office or put on some John Mayer and that fixes me right up. What about you?

To enter: Leave a comment here, telling me your best Living In the Now feel-better strategy. I will select two winners. First prize is a signed copy of Waiting for You. Second prize is a signed copy of Take Me There. You have until 11:11 p.m. on Saturday, May 23 to enter. Good luck!