love and more love

Book Release Day was super fun! I woke up with that exciting special event feeling. To celebrate, I visited Barnes & Noble and signed some books. More on that later. But first…

Yesterday was Day 10 of my blog tour. The Compulsive Reader asked me three summer-related questions to wrap up the tour. Thanks to everyone who hosted me. It was a total blast!

I’m psyched that several readers have already finished Waiting for You and took the time to write to me. When your new book comes out, you have no idea if it sucks or not until people tell you what’s up. So please keep the feedback coming! More reviews are being posted, including this one on S. Krishna’s Books.

Waiting for You wasn’t the only book released yesterday. It was also the pub day of Sarah Dessen’s Lock and Key paperback edition! I was all impressed that my floor display got to reside next to hers:

Waiting for You by Susane Colasanti floor display

The tag line on mine said, “First love. Complicated love. True love.” And Sarah’s said, “Relationships. Romance. Real life.” No, we didn’t write those. The friendly neighbors at B&N whipped those up. Sarah’s display was really pretty. Her paperback covers are the most gorgeous covers I’ve ever seen. Something about the way the hues, fonts, and images work together to completely reflect the tone of her books is so impressive. Congrats on another outstanding achievement, Sarah!

I’m not sure how long the floor displays will be up, so if you’re interested in my Floor Display Contest(which requires a photo of you with my floor display), I recommend visiting your local B&N soon. First prize is signed copies of all three books. I’m not only having this contest to give away books, but I’d love to assemble a collage of you guys showing off your creative skills. That would be freaking awesome! Looking forward to your entries…