daily show nerd

It’s Day 3 of my blog tour. You can find me over at Frenetic Reader for High School Myth #3 and what I like the most about being an author. Khy also asked me one of my fave questions of this blog tour: Why do you include both a failed relationship and a new one in each of your books? Sharp observation!

Only 9 more days of waiting until Waiting for You is out in the world!

The only thing that can cause almost as much excitement as my new book release is getting to see Jon Stewart for a taping of The Daily Show. Have I ever mentioned that I worship Jon Stewart in a godlike way? Oh, I have? Yeah, I have because he freaking rocks the house. I had tickets for last Thursday, April 30, which you can watch on Hulu.

The Daily Show banners

When I’m passionate about something, there’s no limit to my devotion. I really love how Jon is making the world a better place, so I’m a hardcore fan. Which means that I had to be first in line. You can line up until 4:30. The doors open at 5:15. I got there at 1:05. I was first in line. Score!

I’ve seen the show before, so I knew where to sit on the empty sidewalk to start the line. I was completely alone for almost an hour. That was one strange hour. Nice New Yorkers kept saying stuff like, “Way to wait it out!” as they walked by. A guy riding his bike past with a visitor was explaining how by 3:30 there’s a huge line. Then he saw me and he yelled, “Right on!” One dude sat next to me for a while even though he didn’t have tickets. Then he was like, “Oh, you need tickets?” Dogs came up and sniffed me.

It was like I was on a reality how called The Longest Wait. I almost expected people to start throwing scraps of food at me. However, this was not necessary. When you’re preparing to wait in line for several hours, provisions are important. I had snacks. I had a small bottle of water (no bathroom access, but need to stay hydrated). Tissues are also good, since about ten pounds of 11th Avenue dirt accumulate on your face while you’re waiting.

When SP showed up around 4:00 and found me first in line, he was all, “You are the biggest Daily Show nerd.” Yes! Best compliment ever! Here’s part of the line, with me staring down the girls next to me. Those girls aren’t next in line. They’re at the back of the line! Which wraps around! And goes around the corner down the block!

Susane Colasanti in line for The Daily Show

For the show, my seat was right next to Jon. I read from his teleprompter and watched the video clips from this camera screen. This one time he was supposed to say “good,” but instead he said “terrific.” He’s so fun to watch when he’s not on screen! He totally cracks up while he’s watching the clips. He rolls his chair back and forth a little, all energy and excitement. Love that.

Hugh Jackman fans should know that you’ll never see more ripped arms on a smaller dude. I was sitting about fifteen feet from his biceps. And triceps. And every other muscle group in the arm, all of which were clearly visible. You don’t want to throw down with Hugh. Unless you’re Jack Bauer.

I’m going back in the fall for my next Daily Show fix. Perhaps I will invest in an inflatable mini chair.