blog tour

Starting tomorrow, I will be embarking on a blog tour. I’ll be visiting ten blogs, every weekday until Waiting for You is released, sharing my Top Ten High School Myths with you.

Here’s where you can find me:

May 1 – For the Love of Books

May 4 – Presenting Lenore

May 5 – The Frenetic Reader

May 6 – The Story Siren

May 7 – Bookluver-Carol

May 8 – Reading Keeps You Sane

May 11 – Shooting Stars Magazine

May 12 – Pop Culture Junkie

May 13 – Laura’s Review Bookshelf

May 14 – The Compulsive Reader

At each site, you can win a signed copy of Waiting for You, so def come visit me!

You still have time to enter the He Was There All Along Contest I’m doing with Elizabeth Scott. The deadline to enter is May 3 at midnight. I love the comments we’ve received so far! There is no end to good stories about boy epiphanies.

In Netflix news, I started Flight of the Conchords. Could that show be any funnier? Fricking hilarious! “Binary solo! 100111100110!”

I’m going to a taping of The Daily Show today, so I have to get in line soon. Oh Jon Stewart, how you rock my world. Hugh Jackman is tonight’s guest. I know he’s hugely popular, but for some reason I don’t actually know who he is. If I see him (and, um, someone identifies him for me), I’ll try to document the moment for you.