my author videos

Some author videos promoting the May 14 release of Waiting for You are out. I definitely haven’t overcome my voice phobia, but I did put it aside long enough to watch these. I’d feel better about them if my voice didn’t sound so weird out there in the world. It sounds okay in my head.

Here’s one about soul mates that Penguin’s using on its sites. Note: When I’m talking about the boy who inspired the character of Tobey in When It Happens and my mortifying junior prom picture is shown, that’s not him. But it’s the only photo with a boy I have from high school that I can actually look at.

The Amazon video discusses how I came up with the title for Waiting for You. In the Barnes & Noble video, I talk about creating your ideal life.

All of these videos were filmed and created by the wonderful Lauren Saffa. She is just so sweet and easy to work with you can’t even believe it. It’s not easy to tell a story in around three minutes. Lauren totally nailed it with her outstanding talent.

There’s so much to tell you with all of this book release excitement, so I’ll be blogging pretty much every day for the next few weeks. See you tomorrow!